Better Fuel Economy & Performance …or Your Money Back

Remap Your Vehicle for:

  • Increased Performance..
  • Better Fuel Economy..
  • More Towing Power..

all backed by our ‘No Quibble’ 30 day money-back guarantee

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You Can Give Your Vehicle More:



The best value tuning modification you’re ever likely to make.

  • Increase the power of your car:
  • Turbocharged cars
  • Turbo diesels,
  • Normally aspirated petrol & diesel vehicles


Releases power and torque in a more fuel efficient manner.

  • Save money on fuel
  • Increase the miles per gallon your vehicle does
  • Cars, vans, 4x4s and more
  • Remap pays for itself and more in savings!

…Towing Power:

Turn your car into a better tower

  • Increases your vehicle’s torque
  • More towing power
  • More fuel economy when not towing
  • Makes towing your caravan or trailer pleasurable

Customer Feedback

“Everything turned out exactly as you said it would. Not only that, but I now get about an extra 5 miles per gallon. I’ve got a lot of power under the bonnet now and a large fuel saving too.”

– Mark, VW Touran 2.0 tdi.

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Ace Remapping Promises You

– the following benefits for your vehicle –

  • 100% guaranteed to improve your vehicle’s performance/ fuel economy, or your money back.
  • We use Ace Remaps software – it makes your car more powerful, more fuel efficient and more pleasurable to drive.
  • Custom ECU settings for your specific vehicle, uploaded by trained technicians.
  • Up to 15% more fuel economy for your daily drive, saving you money on your fuel bills!
  • Up to 35% more power and 35% more torque, boosting both the engine and towing power, as well as better throttle response and less turbo lag.
  • Lower Co2 emissions, making your vehicle better for the environment and giving better Co2 readings at MOTs
  • Smoother power delivery, giving a more relaxed and controllable driving experience.

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Whatever Your Vehicle is,

it Will Benefit From Having its ECU Remapped By Ace Car Care

Our Customers Are Highly Valued

and receive outstanding service

“After having my MK5 Golf remapped at Ace Car Care, I have been spending less on petrol on my daily drive.

The remapping had paid for itself within a few months, meaning it basically cost me nothing! I would definately recommend this to anyone who wants to make a saving or up their car’s performance.

– Jonathan Bryant, Shrewsbury.

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