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A3 Audi Economy Remap

A3 TDI 105BHP Audi Economy Remap

This customer bought their A3 to us for an Audi economyremap for their TDi 105 bhp. They were after a little more power, and also wanted to take advantage of up to 15% fuel saving you can get with our Ace Remaps Shropshire EcoPower remap.

This Audi has the 1.9TDI engine in which gives it 105bhp and 250nm of torque, which the customer felt was very under powered. The Audi economy remap we offer would soon change that, and take take power up to around 135bhp and torque to approx320nm. That’s anincrease of 30bhp and 70nm of torque.

This completely changed the car for the customer, with the extra power and low down torque, the customer really noticed the difference in the drive, and thought they had a new car! As well as the extra power and torque, the way it is delivered is much smoother and responsive.

With every Audi economy remap, before we make any alterations, we always carry out a diagnostic check to make sure there are no underlying faults recorded within the engine management system. If there are, we contact the customer to let them know, and depending on their nature, advise that they rectify the faults before we proceed with the remap.

The next part of our procedure is to carry out a road test after the remap, to ensure there are no faults, and to check that the car drives as it should do with the Audi economy remap loaded.

More and more of our customers are choosing our economy remap. Partly due to the rise in fuel prices, and partly to get a nice blend of power and economy all in one 🙂 So you can listen to your head and your heart 🙂

All of our remaps come with a no quibble 14 day money back guarantee and a full written there really is no risk.If you would like a no obligation quote for your Audi economy remap, or book in for a 14 day money back trial, contact usnow?