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Audi RS4 4.2 V8 Performance Remap Shrewsbury

This Audi owner called us asking if we could remap his 420BHP RS4, as he had got used to the power it already had, and felt it was lacking just a little, and needed that bit moreperformance . He also wanted the 155mph speed limiter taking off, to get the best out of the car when he drives over to Germany and ends up on the unlimited speed autobahns.

We explained that as the engine is a naturally aspirated version (ie no turbo or supercharger) he would not see massive BHP gains, but would end up with a much crisper throttle response, better low down and mid range torque, and of course, a top speed of well in excess of the 155mph set by the factory electronic speed limiter.

The Audi RS4 is a little more complicated than most ‘normal’ cars, as it is fitted with 2x ECU’s. This means it does take a little bit longer to reprogramme, but the result is well worth waiting for.

We wrote the performance remap to the car and gave its usual road test drive (tough job l know!) to make sure all was ok with the map, and was fine to hand over to the customer.

The car went from 420bhp and 430nm up to 445bhp and 470nm of torque so still good gains and of course the speed limiter was removed, but we obviously weren’t able to test this on UK roads.

We are confident that a Ace Remaps Shrewsbury remap is the best value for money, £pound per extra bhp to get performance gains from a normally aspirated engine. You would need a quality induction and exhaust upgrade, or serious mods like camshafts etc, to get similar increases. These sort of mods are likely cost considerably more than our remapping, and in some instances could compromise the drivability of the car.

Getting gains from a normally aspirated (fuel injected) engine can be challenging, with it having no forced air induction, but a Ace Remaps Shrewsbury remap will certainly be one of the best value for money options compared to almost every other product. And with our 14 day no quibble money back guarantee , fully reversible service, and written mechanical & electrical warranty, our customers have absolutely nothing to lose by trying it.

If you’d like to see what our remapping does to your vehicle, call us on 01743 491809 to arrange your 14 day trial without obligation.