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Ace Remaps Shropshire DPF Removal Procedure

Can Ace Remaps Offer DPF Removal?

Due to the current MOT testing procedure, Ace Remaps are unable to offer a DPF removal service, as the vehicle would no longer be compliant with the MOT standards which would render it unroadworthy.

The DPF removal would also invalidate your insurance cover due to it not being compliant with the highways regulations..


So What Are My Options?

Many vehicle owners suffer with DPF problems, so we offer a range of solutions to help. You can click the link below to go to our DPF Cleaning page which will give you more information.

Visit DPF Cleaning Page.

If you would like to discuss how we might be able to help with your DPF problem, or just get some general advice, just call us on 01743 491809 an we’ll be happy to run through your options.