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Ace Remaps Shropshire TerraClean Combo Deal

Ace Remaps Remap And TerraClean De-carbon Service

You might be considering a remap for your vehicle, which will give you some great improvements, but if your car or van has already covered 12.000 miles or more, or is over 12 months old, the fact is it has lost some of the power and performance it left the factory with!

The reason for this drop, is because of carbon build up inside the engine and exhaust system. This is generated as a bi-product of the combustion of the fuel used to run your vehicle, and the higher the fuel performance (octane rating) the worse the situation gets.

Well here at Ace Remaps Shropshire, we’ve found a solution to this problem. It’s called TerraClean.

It’s not just a product, it’s a system which instantly treats and removes the carbon build up in your engine to help Reduce Emissions, Regain MPG and Restore Performance, and only takes around 1 hour, so can be done at the same time as a remap.

You can find out more about this service by clicking HERE (

Now you could just have the TerraClean or the remap on their own, but we thought, wouldn’t it be better to get a TerraClean to get your engine performing back like a new one, followed by a Ace Remaps remap to get the best out of your revitalised engine? So we created….

A Ace Remaps TerraClean Combo Deal!!!

We know you love a deal, everyone does. So if you have a Ace Remaps TerraClean combo we’re going to knock £50.00 off the usual total package price. That’s right, FIFTY QUID off the RRP.

Don’t forget to ask about your Ace Remaps TerraClean combo when you talk to us.

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