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Ace Remaps Telford FAQs | Do I Tell My Insurance Company

Remapping FAQs: Do I Need To Tell My Insurance Company?

This is something you will have to determine yourself. We do not have a responsibility to inform, or any connections with  your insurance company ourselves.

We have heard our customers follow several different options, such as follows;

Your insurance policy will state on it whether they need to be notified if any alterations or modifications from standard are made. You can contact the company directly and ask for advice if it is not clear on the policy documents. We have heard of some insurance companies charging nothing or just a small admin fee, as well as others who refuse to insure a vehicle with anyalterations from standard (even towbars!)

Others choose to ‘turn a blind eye’ and not mention anything. They feel that as the changes are not visible, and are virtually undetectable, and can be reversed upon request, there is virtually no risk of it ever being detected. We have also had instances where some used vehicle owners have booked to have their vehicle remapped, only to find it had already been done without them being aware!

From a professional standpoint as a responsible business, we would always advise that you review your policy and/or consult with your insurance company. However, what you do is your responsibilty and your choice, and we will always respect your decision and confidentiality whatever you choose.