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BMW 335D Performance Remap Shrewsbury

This BMW Owner inquired about getting their BMW 335D Remapped their mind was already set to having moreperformance without economy being in mind as they did not do many miles they just wanted all the power they could get.

Because this is a turbo charged engine we get control over all the significant factors which determine how much power is created by the engine, including fuel volume, boost pressure, ignition timing, air volume, torque limiters, etc at any rpm, we are able to get power and torqueincreases of up to 35% more than standard, without any detrimental effect of engine serviceability or longevity.

We answered all of their questions and then sorted a convenient date and time for them to bring the car to us to have the remap carried out, with this vehicle being able to be remapped through the OBD (service) port it would only take around 2 hours to complete the job but with some vehicles you have to take in to account how long the ECU takes to read and write as with some models it takes a lot longer than others.

With this BMW being around 286bhp and 580nm of torque standard it certainly was not a slow car but with our performance remap it took the BMW to approx 326bhp and 650nm of torque that’s another incredible 40bhp and 70nm of torque.

With the remap complete we wrote out the warranty booklet and once again went through about how we do a 14 day money back guarantee and how the lifetime software warranty and 12 month mechanical and electrical warranty works.

Do you fancy a bit more power under your right foot?

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