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BMW Remap Telford

BMW 320d Remap Telford

A previous remap Telford customer was very happy with his new BMW 320d car, but he’d been spoilt!

Although it had plenty of power already compared to his previous car, (a Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi), we had previously remapped his Mondeo, so it just drove so much better.

So as he knew that we would remap Telford customers vehicles at our Car Care Centre in Shrewsbury, he booked in on a Saturday morning and had it remapped whilst he did a little shopping in town with his wife.

When he dropped the BMW 320d off with us, we had a discussion with him to find out what were the main things he was looking for from his remap, so we could write the most appropriate custom map to meet his needs.

As he did quite a high number of miles per year, and also occasionally towed a small caravan, economy, torque and throttle response we th.e main areas we aimed to improve, and suggested an EcoPower map.

After we carried out a diagnostic check (part of our normal procedure) his standard map file was copied, backed up, modified and reloaded on the ECU/engine management system. Following a thorough road test (again, part of our standard procedure) to ensure the vehicle drives as it should, we called the owner to let him know it was ready for collection.

The new settings in the BMW remap gave the following improvements;

  • Increased BHP from to around
  • More torque for easier towing from to approx
  • Improved economy by around 10%-15% depending on driving style
  • Less lag & quicker throttle response

We have followed up with the customer since remapping his car, and received his comments as follows;


“I would just like to say a big thanks to the team I had my BMW 320d Remapped last week. Taking advantage of the nearly 200bhp at the moment and as soon as I stop driving around like I am 18 again. I will hopefully see the benefits in the MPG I will keep you all posted…… Once again a big thanks.”


If you would like to know how we could improve your BMW, or any make of car, van, motorhome or LGV, just call us on 01743 491809 for a no obligation quote.