Car Vs Bike – Which Is Fastest?

Which Is The Fastest, A Car Or A Bike? It’s the age old question that’s been argued about for many years. They’ve both got their advantages and dis-advantages; The bike is quick in a straight line, but the car handles better in the corners. The car has more grip off the line, but the bike accelerates faster once it grips. The bike has great brakes, but the car’s are even [ . . . ]

320d BMW Remap Shrewsbury

BMW Remap Shrewsbury On 320d Here at Ace Remaps Shropshire, we recently carried out a BMW Remap Shrewsbury. On this occasion the customer had a BMW 320d, and had recently swapped his BMW 330D to the current 320D. He  had requested a quote to see the improvements we could make to his BMW 320D to try to bridge the gap in performance with a Ace Remaps BMW remap Shrewsbury. Once [ . . . ]

BMW 335D Performance Remap Shrewsbury

This BMW Owner inquired about getting their BMW 335D Remapped their mind was already set to having moreperformance without economy being in mind as they did not do many miles they just wanted all the power they could get. Because this is a turbo charged engine we get control over all the significant factors which determine how much power is created by the engine, including fuel volume, boost pressure, ignition [ . . . ]

BMW 118D Economy Remap Shrewsbury

This Shrewsbury based BMW owner popped in to our car care centre to have a chat with us about remapping his newly purchased BMW 118D. He said that he had bought the 122bhp version but wanted more power but did not want to pay the extra £££££ for the 143bhp model. He knew about our Shrewsbury remapping service, and he could get the same if not better performance & economy [ . . . ]

BMW Remap Telford

BMW 320d Remap Telford A previous remap Telford customer was very happy with his new BMW 320d car, but he’d been spoilt! Although it had plenty of power already compared to his previous car, (a Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi), we had previously remapped his Mondeo, so it just drove so much better. So as he knew that we would remap Telford customers vehicles at our Car Care Centre in Shrewsbury, [ . . . ]