VW Golf GTI TFSI Remap

This customer bought their car in to us for a remap, as they were primarily looking for more economy. With a Ace Remapseconomy remap, you don’t compromise on the way the car performs, you get a blend of the best of both worlds. This saves you fuel and gives you extra power and torque. So after we remapped the VW Golf with one of our EcoPower maps, the results were [ . . . ]

Mercedes Vito Economy Remap

Mercedes Vito Economy Remap At Ace Remaps Shropshire, we remap quite a few vans for both companies, and for small businesses who also use them for personal use. With the ever rising cost of fuel, we are able to remap for economy to help save money on fuel costs. With most vans normally carrying a lot of weight, and often being used for towing, the additional torque from our EcoPower [ . . . ]

Ace Remaps Shropshire TerraClean Combo Deal

Ace Remaps Remap And TerraClean De-carbon Service You might be considering a remap for your vehicle, which will give you some great improvements, but if your car or van has already covered 12.000 miles or more, or is over 12 months old, the fact is it has lost some of the power and performance it left the factory with! The reason for this drop, is because of carbon build up [ . . . ]

Honda Civic 2.2 CTDI Economy Remap

Honda Civic Economy Remap This customer enquired about his Honda Civic 2.2 diesel having an economy remap as he drives almost 75 miles a day to work, so he was very keen to try to improve mpg on his car. So when we discussed the benefits of our EcoPower remap, he was very keen, especially with lots of feedback from customers showing around 15% fuel savings after a Ace Remaps [ . . . ]

Economy Remapping Fuel Saving Examples

VW Touareg TDi We had a man in the Car Care Centre one Saturday who enquired about remapping his VW Touareg 2.5 TDi. “Oh, it’ll never pay for itself” he said. So we did a quick calculation just to see if he was right? He did 25,000 miles per year, and his VW did 28mpg, and he expected to keep his car around 3 years. With our EcoPower map we [ . . . ]

Why Have A Custom Remap

BlackCode Custom Remap NotGeneric Remap Some people ask us about our custom remap, and what’s the difference between that and a generic remap. Well here’s a real life illustration of what can happen with a generic map. A customer called in to see us the other day as he had a problem with a remap that he’d had from another ‘cheaper’ company up North. Whilst the map seemed to be [ . . . ]

MG ZT 2.0 CDTI Economy Remap Telford

MG ZT CDTI Economy Remap Telford This Telford based MG owner contacted us regarding his MG ZT to find out if we could make it more economical, as he travels over 500 miles per week. He wanted to know how much we could save him on his fuel costs, which were We explained that with one of our Economy remaps, he could see up to a 15% increase on his [ . . . ]

Ford Transit 2.4TDCI Economy Remapping Telford

Ford Transit Economy Remapping Telford The owner of this Ford Transit uses the van every day in his Haulage business, so the van covers a lot of miles each month. With the high fuel prices we have in the UK,  he was inquiring about one of our Economy remaps. He asked if with the Economy remapping he would lose power at all, as it was a little sluggish when loaded [ . . . ]

BMW 118D Economy Remap Shrewsbury

This Shrewsbury based BMW owner popped in to our car care centre to have a chat with us about remapping his newly purchased BMW 118D. He said that he had bought the 122bhp version but wanted more power but did not want to pay the extra £££££ for the 143bhp model. He knew about our Shrewsbury remapping service, and he could get the same if not better performance & economy [ . . . ]

Landrover Discovery 2.7 TDV6 Economy Remap Telford

Landrover 2.7 TDV6 Remap Telford We recently had a customer in from Telford with a Landrover Discovery 2.7 TDV6, who was enquiring about wether a remap would give him more economy for everyday use, but also more power and torque for towing, as hetowed a large trailer with a boat on. With having such a large trailer to tow, he felt that at times. the 2.7 TDV6 would be a [ . . . ]