Mercedes Vito Economy Remap

Mercedes Vito Economy Remap At Ace Remaps Shropshire, we remap quite a few vans for both companies, and for small businesses who also use them for personal use. With the ever rising cost of fuel, we are able to remap for economy to help save money on fuel costs. With most vans normally carrying a lot of weight, and often being used for towing, the additional torque from our EcoPower [ . . . ]

Fuel Saving Tips To Combat Rising Fuel Prices

Fuel Saving Tips To Improve MPG We thought we’d do a post with some fuel saving tips to save you some money on your vehicle fuel costs which seem to be continually rising. The idea for this post came from the recent AA survey which reports that despite the government holding back on the planned tax increase on fuel duty, the price of fuel at the pumps has already increased [ . . . ]

Audi A3 2.0TDI Performance Remap Shrewsbury

Audi A3 2.0 TDI 140 Performance Remap Shrewsbury This customer enquired about having his new Audi A3 2.0 Tdi 140bhp remapped, as he thought it was lacking in performance compared to his previous car, which was a Vauxhall Astra VXR. He said the fuel economy was great, compared to the Astra, but he would like more to have more power, as it felt a lot slower. We discussed what we [ . . . ]

MG ZT 2.0 CDTI Economy Remap Telford

MG ZT CDTI Economy Remap Telford This Telford based MG owner contacted us regarding his MG ZT to find out if we could make it more economical, as he travels over 500 miles per week. He wanted to know how much we could save him on his fuel costs, which were We explained that with one of our Economy remaps, he could see up to a 15% increase on his [ . . . ]

Mini Cooper S Performance Remap Shrewsbury

Mini Cooper S Performance Remap Shrewsbury The owner of this Mini Cooper S came to us wanting a bit more performance, although it was quick already, after a while you get used to the power and crave that bit more. We discussed the options we’d got available, and with the performance remap increasing power by around 40bhp and 60nm of torque, his Ace Remaps remapped mini would perform better than [ . . . ]

BMW 118D Economy Remap Shrewsbury

This Shrewsbury based BMW owner popped in to our car care centre to have a chat with us about remapping his newly purchased BMW 118D. He said that he had bought the 122bhp version but wanted more power but did not want to pay the extra £££££ for the 143bhp model. He knew about our Shrewsbury remapping service, and he could get the same if not better performance & economy [ . . . ]

Ford Focus ST Performance Remap In Shrewsbury

Ford Focus ST Performance Remap This owner of this great looking car contacted us about a performance remap for his Ford Focus ST in Shrewsbury, to see what improvements we could make. He was thinking of changing the car, but didn’t want to spend too much, but wanted a faster car. We had a chat, and told him how much of an improvement we could make to it. He was [ . . . ]

Ace Remaps Facebook Page

Have You Visited The Ace Remaps Shropshire Remapping Facebook Page? Do you use Facebook? You might like to know that we have our own business page, which you can view here. We regularly add pictures and posts and links that we hope you might find interesting and useful. If you want to search for our page on Facebook, just enter BlackCodeShropshire and you should find our page, or visit the [ . . . ]