Honda Civic 2.2 CTDI Economy Remap

Honda Civic Economy Remap This customer enquired about his Honda Civic 2.2 diesel having an economy remap as he drives almost 75 miles a day to work, so he was very keen to try to improve mpg on his car. So when we discussed the benefits of our EcoPower remap, he was very keen, especially with lots of feedback from customers showing around 15% fuel savings after a Ace Remaps [ . . . ]

Why Have A Custom Remap

BlackCode Custom Remap NotGeneric Remap Some people ask us about our custom remap, and what’s the difference between that and a generic remap. Well here’s a real life illustration of what can happen with a generic map. A customer called in to see us the other day as he had a problem with a remap that he’d had from another ‘cheaper’ company up North. Whilst the map seemed to be [ . . . ]