Peugeot 206 GTI Performance Remap Shrewsbury

This customer came to our remap Shrewsbury Car Care Centre to enquire about having their car remapped. But because his car was not turbo-charged or super-charged, he was a little dubious that the gains would not be worth it. Below we explain why a remap is the best money you can spend on a naturally aspirated car. As with all manufacturers, because the standard settings are made to cope with [ . . . ]

VW Golf 1.9 TDi Remap Shrewsbury

Golf 1.9 TDi Remap From Ace Remaps This customer visited our Ace Remaps Shropshire Remapping centre in  Shrewsbury  wondering whether to get Golf 1.9 TDi Remap for his pride and joy. To begin with he was very skeptical of whether it would be worth it, but after we had explained the gains in Horse Power & Torque, as well as Fuel Gains he could achieve, and the improved throttle response, [ . . . ]

VW Transporter T5 Clean and Tune Combo

VW Transporter T5 2.5TDi Clean and Tune Combo   This VW Transporter T5 came to us for our Clean and Tune Combo package, which includes a TerraClean service and an ECU remap. Firstly the TerraClean treatment removes carbon build up from the engine, which brings back lost power and fuel economy. The reason for this drop in BHP and MPG, is because of carbon build up inside the engine and [ . . . ]

Ace Remaps Shropshire TerraClean Combo Deal

Ace Remaps Remap And TerraClean De-carbon Service You might be considering a remap for your vehicle, which will give you some great improvements, but if your car or van has already covered 12.000 miles or more, or is over 12 months old, the fact is it has lost some of the power and performance it left the factory with! The reason for this drop, is because of carbon build up [ . . . ]

Car Vs Bike – Which Is Fastest?

Which Is The Fastest, A Car Or A Bike? It’s the age old question that’s been argued about for many years. They’ve both got their advantages and dis-advantages; The bike is quick in a straight line, but the car handles better in the corners. The car has more grip off the line, but the bike accelerates faster once it grips. The bike has great brakes, but the car’s are even [ . . . ]

320d BMW Remap Shrewsbury

BMW Remap Shrewsbury On 320d Here at Ace Remaps Shropshire, we recently carried out a BMW Remap Shrewsbury. On this occasion the customer had a BMW 320d, and had recently swapped his BMW 330D to the current 320D. He  had requested a quote to see the improvements we could make to his BMW 320D to try to bridge the gap in performance with a Ace Remaps BMW remap Shrewsbury. Once [ . . . ]

Why Have A Custom Remap

BlackCode Custom Remap NotGeneric Remap Some people ask us about our custom remap, and what’s the difference between that and a generic remap. Well here’s a real life illustration of what can happen with a generic map. A customer called in to see us the other day as he had a problem with a remap that he’d had from another ‘cheaper’ company up North. Whilst the map seemed to be [ . . . ]

Why Don’t The Manufacturers Do It?

Ace Remaps ECU Remapping FAQs – Why Don’t The Manufacturers Do It? Some of the people who enquire about having their vehicles remapped wonder why the manufacturers don’t do it themselves. So these are a couple of our thoughts on this particular question. It’s A Worldwide Market Manufacturers build their vehicles to be supplied all over the world. And because of the different situations the vehicle could be permanently operating [ . . . ]

BMW 335D Performance Remap Shrewsbury

This BMW Owner inquired about getting their BMW 335D Remapped their mind was already set to having moreperformance without economy being in mind as they did not do many miles they just wanted all the power they could get. Because this is a turbo charged engine we get control over all the significant factors which determine how much power is created by the engine, including fuel volume, boost pressure, ignition [ . . . ]

Audi A3 2.0TDI Performance Remap Shrewsbury

Audi A3 2.0 TDI 140 Performance Remap Shrewsbury This customer enquired about having his new Audi A3 2.0 Tdi 140bhp remapped, as he thought it was lacking in performance compared to his previous car, which was a Vauxhall Astra VXR. He said the fuel economy was great, compared to the Astra, but he would like more to have more power, as it felt a lot slower. We discussed what we [ . . . ]