VW Transporter T5 Clean and Tune Combo

VW Transporter T5 2.5TDi Clean and Tune Combo   This VW Transporter T5 came to us for our Clean and Tune Combo package, which includes a TerraClean service and an ECU remap. Firstly the TerraClean treatment removes carbon build up from the engine, which brings back lost power and fuel economy. The reason for this drop in BHP and MPG, is because of carbon build up inside the engine and [ . . . ]

VW Transporter Economy Remap | 1.9 Tdi T5

VW Transporter Economy Remap This VW Transporter was bought to us for a remap as the customer is having a camper conversion carried out on it shortly. With this adding a lot more weight, he thought it would be best to have it remapped before the conversion to gain extra power and torque to cope with the extra weight it would be carrying. He also thought it would use more [ . . . ]