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DPF Blocked

Is Your DPF Blocked? Want To Find Out Why It Gets Blocked & What You Can Do About It? Read On…

If you think your car has its DPF blocked or has a DPF warning light on the dashboard, you should read the information below which will help you understand the processes involved to prevent and/or cure your DPF problems.

What Is A DPF Filter?

The Diesel Particulate Filter (or DPF) on your vehicle is a special filter fitted in the exhaust system to reduce the exhaust emissions. This is required to enable the vehicle to meet the stringent environmental legislation in the UK, and pass the current MOT test.

The DPF filters soot created in the combustion of diesel fuel, which is expelled in the exhaust gases which in turn pass through the honeycomb like DPF filter located in a metal housing in the exhaust system. A fully operational DPF can usually filter somewhere around 80% to 90% of the soot particles from the vehicles exhaust gases.


Why Does Your DPF Get Blocked?

The soot trapped in the DPF filter which was trapped from the exhaust gases doesn’t break down very readily, so to aid the removal of this build up of soot from the filter, a process is periodically activated by the ECU/engine management system. It increases the exhaust gas temperatures (by different methods depending on the vehicle make & model), which when over 600°C should burn off the build up.

This is known as a passive regeneration, and happens automatically, but only if a specific set of driving circumstances are reproduced by the driver. Problems can occur if the regeneration is not activated by the driver periodically.

As soot builds up in the DPF, it gets more and more blocked, until it reaches a point where it is around 70%-90% blocked. This is when you will experience a significant drop in power from the engine as the ECU cuts the power, and fault lights will appear on the dash such as engine management, glow plug, and dpf light.

At this point you should not drive the vehicle to prevent any further damage to the engine/ancillary equipment including turbos.


What Can You Do If You Find Your DPF Blocked?

There are 6 or 7 different options available to prevent problems from occuring, and/or resolve current problems such as blocked DPFs. The service you choose will vary, depending on several factors. Our guide will give the options available to you, and the Pro’s and Con’s of each. You’ll also get the opportunity to have prices for each service.

Some services are provided by us at our Car Care Centre, whilst others we are able to arrange and co-ordinate for you with other competent and trusted service centres, unless you prefer to organise them yourself.