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DPF Cleaning

Do You Need Your DPF Cleaning? Why Would You Need It Cleaning & How Is It Done. Find Out….


If you have a diesel vehicle with a DPF problem or warning light on the dashboard, or you are looking for preventative steps to ensure your Diesel Particulate Filter (or DPF) fitted in the exhaust system doesn’t get blocked and cost you a small fortune to put right, then you’ll find the information below very useful.


What Does A DPF Do?

A Diesel Particulate Filter or more commonly known as a DPF (or sometimes aFAP), is a physical filter fitted in the exhaust system of virtually all modern diesel engined vehicles. It’s designed and installed to lower the vehicles exhaust emissions so that it meets todays environmental legislation in the UK, and passes the MOT test.

The DPF filters the solid soot particles from the exhaust gases as they flow through the honeycomb like filter which is located in a metal housing in the exhaust system. A fully functioning DPF can usually achieve 80%-90% of soot particle extraction.?


Why Would You Need Your DPF Cleaning?

The material that is filtered from the diesel exhaust gases does not break down efficiently, so to help improve this a process is periodically activated by the ECU/engine management system which increases the exhaust gas temperatures, which should burn off the build up of excess residue.

This is known as a Regeneration, and happens automatically, but only if a specific set of driving circumstances are reproduced by the driver. A problem can occur if this regeneration is not activated by the driver periodically.

As soot particles build up to the point of a 70%-90% blockage you will experience a significant drop in power from the engine, and fault lights will appear on your dashboard such as the engine management light, glow plug, and dpf light.

You should not drive the vehicle at this point to prevent any further damage to the engine/ancillary equipment.


How Do We Carry Out Our DPF Cleaning Service?

We have a couple of different options available, but they both involve connection to the vehicle and the use of specialist equipment and cleaning materials to remove carbon build-up and deposits, depending on whether a preventative service or repair service is required.


Are There Other Options To Cure DPF Problems?

We can offer a number of different solutions to help prevent DPF problems from occuring, and/or resolve current problems with a DPFs. The service you choose depends on several different factors.

We have produced a guide to show you the options available to you, and the Pro’s and Con’s of each option. Some of the services we provide ourselves, whilst others you will need to arrange with other competent service centres, but we can normally advise you of trusted suppliers if required.