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DPF Problems & Removal

Having DPF Problems?

DPF Problems: Diesel Particulate Filters or DPFs started appearing on diesel cars in the early 2000′s. They sit in the exhaust system, and are designed to trap soot and harmful particulates before they have a chance to escape to the atmosphere.

Because the soot is trapped inside the filter, prolonged town use can choke them up. If that happens you will get a warning light on the dash recommending you start a regeneration process to burn it off.

The manufacturers handbook will give you instructions on how to activate a regeneration, which typically can involve driving for 20 minutes at a constant speed above 40 mph and below 55 mph (easier said than done). If you ignore the light a second may then appear, by which time your DPF has had it and a big bill could be heading your way.


What Can You Do If Your Filter Is Blocked?

The obvious option that most vehicle owners first consider is a quote from the main dealer to replace the DPF, but be prepared for a shock, as the bill could be well over £1000, or even over £2000 in some instances!

One way of slashing that bill however, is to have the DPF removed. You don’t need a DPF to pass an MOT (and that section of the exhaust can be hollowed out to give a standard appearance). The car’s ECU will then need to be reprogrammed to remove the DPF regeneration processes, and ensure the engine will continue to  run correctly without the DPF.


Does Ace Remaps Offer A DPF Removal Or DPF Repair Service?

Due to current MOT testing, it is not possible to remove the DPF filter and for the vehicle to pass the current MOT test.

Part of the annual MOT test is now to test the efficiency & presence of the DPF filter by measuring the drop in pressure from the sensor before the DPF filter and the sensor after it

If the DPF was removed, there would be no pressure drop indicating the filter was not present inside the canister & the vehicle would fail the MOT test

We do offer cleaning and/or replacement solutions to resolve your DPF issues. If you would like to discuss exactly what’s available, please feel free to contact us by email or call us on 01743 491809 without obligation.

We have also produced some posts and a fact sheet and technical information about DPF problems, DPF removal and other DPF light issues, which you can find under the DPF category on the right hand side of this site.