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Economy Remapping Fuel Saving Examples

VW Touareg TDi

We had a man in the Car Care Centre one Saturday who enquired about remapping his VW Touareg 2.5 TDi. “Oh, it’ll never pay for itself” he said. So we did a quick calculation just to see if he was right?

He did 25,000 miles per year, and his VW did 28mpg, and he expected to keep his car around 3 years. With our EcoPower map we estimate that we can give him around 10%-15% improvement on his mpg, but to be cautious/conservative, we used 10% improvement for the calculations.

Ok, so here we go with the maths stuff…….

  • 25,000 miles per year @ 28mpg = 892.8 gallons per year
  • 892.8 gallons per year @ £6.36 per gallon = £5678.21 per year
  • £5678.21 per year @ 10% saving = £567.82 per year
  • £567.82 per year x 3 years ownership = £1703.46 saving over the lifetime of ownership

WOW!! …….Over One Thousand Seven Hundred Pounds savings at only 10% improvement!!

Now we think he’ll get more like 15% better economy, and fuel costs are far more likely to go up than down over the next 3 years, so the savings will be even greater.

As we chatted further, we also found out he towed with his Touareg, so not only would he save a ‘shed load’ of money, his car would tow better, and drive nicer! And to put the icing on the cake, he’d get a 14 day, no quibble, terms or other B.S. money back guarantee, and a written warranty for the ultimate peace of mind.

Now this may not be typical, but I thought l’d just share the information with you, just in case you have the same or similar thoughts, and may at least want to look at the potential savings. If you would like us to tell you what we can do for your vehicle, just get a quote here.