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ECU Remapping For Economy

Whether you are a Shropshire business operating vans, HGVs or company cars in Shrewsbury, Telford or other parts of the county, or an individual with your own car, 4×4 or motorhome for commuting and pleasure, the increases we are seeing in petrol and diesel prices are, and will continue to make an increasingly large dent in your wallets!

And its only likely to get worse!

With the global focus on reducing the use of our natural resources (such as oil), and the ever increasing taxes and consequential fuel price rises, fuel costs will make an increasingly bigger impact on lots of businesses and personal finances.


What Can An Economy Map Can Do For Your Vehicle?

We could start telling you about technical stuff, and the many hours of research, development and testing we have undertaken blah, blah, blah….But basically, we have produced optimised settings for each vehicles …

The increase in efficiency allows the engine to perform how it was intended when it was designed, which when optimised correctly, releases more power and more torque, but in a fuel efficient manner.

Our EcoPower remap will naturally give greater economy, but to get the very best economy from the changes to your engine, if you adapt your driving technique to the new characteristics of the engine, this will further enhance the economy. You can read more about fuel efficient driving techniques in on of our other posts.


How Can Economy Remapping Do This?

The engineers who design the engines in the first instance, go to great lengths to make them perform well. But because the vehicles could be operated in any part of the world, the manufactures have to tune them to cope with continuous operation in the worst situations and conditions.

This includes low quality fuel, extremes of temperature, humidity, altitude, etc. Also the emissions testing requirements in different countries & road tax bandings can have an effect on the engine settings used.

In a nutshell, the standard engine is de-tuned to cater for the ‘worst case scenario’, and its true potential is reigned in. Our ECU remapping takes away these restrictions, and allow the engine tooperate how the engineers originally inteded, and all within the safe limits of the engines capabilities. Guaranteed!

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your remap within the first 30 days, if we cannot correct it to your satisfaction, we will refund your money in full and revert your vehicle back to how it was. NO CONDITIONS + NO QUIBBLE!



What Sort Of Improvements Can An Economy Remap Achieve?

There’s lots of factors which influence the economy of your vehicle, and we could start bragging about some of the more extreme economy savings our customers have made, but from an average of actual customer feedback in ‘real life’ situations, it’s not uncommon to get 10%-15% improvement in mpg.

To look at it another way, if you do 15000 miles per year in your vehicle, thats like getting 1500-2250 miles for FREE! And there’s even better news too. That’s not a one off saving, thats every year, for always, as long as you own your Ace Remaps Economy remapped vehicle. And as fuel price rises at the petrol and diesel pumps, the savings you make get bigger and bigger!

Now depending on your vehicles standard mpg, this will equate to £hundreds and in some cases £thousands of pounds of savings over the lifetime ownerhip of your car, van, motorhome or HGV….seriously. You work it out ,or look at our fuel saving examples!


What Can An Economy Map Can Do For Your Vehicle?

Each type of engine will show different levels of improvement with a Ace Remaps Economy Remap, so to give you some more accurate information, we need to know a little bit more about the vehicle and engine type.

If you are in Shrewsbury, Telford, Shropshire or Mid Wales and would like a FREE Ace Remaps Economy ECU Remapping quote, without any obligation, then just click HERE. Alternatively call us on 01743 491809 for a friendly chat.

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We install custom (not generic) remaps for all of the major manufacturers such as alfa, audi, bmw, citroen, ford, fiat, honda, opel, kia, land rover, nissan, peugeot, porsche, renault, suzuki, vauxhall, volvo, volkswagen, mercededs, seat, skoda, mini and vw