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ECU remapping Shrewsbury & Telford Warranty

When you look at a remap for your car, van, 4×4 or motorhome, one of the important things to consider is the warranty being offered. What does it cover? How long does it last? Is it all documented in writing?

This is where Ace Remaps has it covered..!!

We have an industry leading warranty package to give you total peace of mind in the unlikely event of a problem occuring. This includes a lifetime remap software warranty, and an additional mechanical and electrical warranty for at least 12 months or the remainder of the manufacturer warranty period*


All Maps Have A Written Lifetime Warranty

PLUS Mechanical & Electrical Warranty*


Along with our 30 day money back guarantee, and strong focus on customer care and service, this means that you can be assured of the best product and back-up in the Shropshire and Mid Wales area.


Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your remap within the first 30 days, if we cannot correct it to your satisfaction, we will refund your money in full and revert your vehicle back to how it was.



To review your warranty please click here to download (pdf): ECU Remapping Warranty

If you have any questions regarding warranty or any other aspect of vehicle remapping, we’d be happy to chat. Please call us on 01743 491809 or contact us by email.