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Ford Transit 2.4TDCI Economy Remapping Telford

Ford Transit Economy Remapping Telford

The owner of this Ford Transit uses the van every day in his Haulage business, so the van covers a lot of miles each month. With the high fuel prices we have in the UK,  he was inquiring about one of our Economy remaps. He asked if with the Economy remapping he would lose power at all, as it was a little sluggish when loaded and going up hills, and he didn’t want the situation made worse.

We explained that with our Economy remapping, not only do you get the economy improvements, but to get these increases, we reprogram the engine to work more efficiently, which results in more power and a lot more torque low down the rev range. This is what is required, and with the power being delievered more smoothly as well as more progressively and with less turbo lag, this gives a much more responsive drive.

The customer was based in Telford, so we arranged for him to come over to our Car Care Centre at the most convenient day and time for him. As he did not work weekends he was happy for us to carry out the remap on a Saturday when we open until 5:00pm.

We carried out the remap and the customer was turned around within 2 hours, and went away with a more economical van with more power 🙂

The Van in standard formwent from 115BHP and 310nm up to approx 147bhp and 370nm of torque. We’re sure you can imagine the difference this has mad to the all around driveability, but the only was to truly find out what a remap does to your vehicle is to have it done, and experience it for yourself.

That is why here at Ace Remaps Shropshire, we give our customers a 14 day no quibble money back guarantee so if it doesn’t perform as we’ve told you, or just don’t want it, then we will simply put your vehicle back to how it was when it came in, and give you a refund in full. So now your asking yourself “what have i got to loose?”

Our remaps also come with a life time software warranty and a limited mechanical and electrical warranty which is also insurance backed, sounds to good to be true doesn’t it?


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