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Honda Civic 2.2 CTDI Economy Remap

Honda Civic Economy Remap

This customer enquired about his Honda Civic 2.2 diesel having an economy remap as he drives almost 75 miles a day to work, so he was very keen to try to improve mpg on his car. So when we discussed the benefits of our EcoPower remap, he was very keen, especially with lots of feedback from customers showing around 15% fuel savings after a Ace Remaps Economy remap.

We carried out this remap on  a Saturday which fitted in great for the customer, as he works all week. So being open every Saturday from 8.30am-5:00pm helps our customers get to us when they have time available.

This Honda civic had so much more potential to come, as its a 2200cc and 140bhp feels a little under powered for the size of the engine.

With our economy remap we took the engine from 140bhp and 340nm of torque up to around 172bhp and 395nm of torque. As you can imagine from the figures, its a big improvement, and it now drives like a completely different car.

The customer has been in touch with us and has said on his early day figure he had gone from 42mpg up to 50+mpg so he has the extra power and a lot more fuel left in his tank.

Before we carried out the remap the customer was a bit sceptical about the whole thing, and unsure that it would work for him. After discussing some of the concerns and questions he had, we told him a bout our 14 day no quibble money back guarantee. This combined with our industry leading warranty set the customers mind to rest, and he went ahead with the Economy Remap to start saving on his fuel costs as soon as possible.

He now realises what a great decision it was, and has already referred several other people to us.

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