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Remapping Your Motorhome

A Ace Remaps Remap For Your Motorhome?

Ok, so you’re all packed up and ready to set off in your motorhome. You’ve cancelled the milk & the papers, you’ve set the sat nav up, and you’ve triple checked that there’s enough gas to fry the bacon in the morning.

You’ve probably done all of these things and a hundred others before you set off on your road trip in your motorhome, but probably the last thing you’ve thought about or done is to get it remapped.


Isn’t remapping For Sports Cars?

The simple answer to that question is NO! Whilst it will make sports cars even more sporty, a remap is far more than just about making things go faster. With Ace Remaps remapping, we fine tune the settings inside the Engine Management system to make the engine work more efficiently, and effectively.

We take out the ‘de-tuning’ that the manufacturers have built in to comply with things like world wide emissions regulations, poor environmental conditions, future commercial opportunities, and much more (read our FAQs).


Why Remap A Motorhome?

Because a Ace Remaps remap will make the engine work more efficiently, this means that it will generate more torque (pulling power!). And because of this extra low down grunt, you can use this to change gear earlier, and not have to change down gears as much.

All of this means that if you use the extra torque sensibly, you can get a decent improvement in fuel economy, with lots of owners reporting 10%-15% better MPG after having their motorhome remapped by Ace Remaps. With the cost of fuel constantly rising, and most large motorhomes using quite a lot of fuel on a road trip, this soon mounts up to make a remap self funding.



What Else Does A Motorhome Remap Do?

As well as saving money on fuel, because of the fine tuning we do with the ECU (Engine Control Unit), we can alter the driving characteristics and make it better to drive. You will notice this with smoother acceleration, less turbo lag  (the momentary wait before you start going after pressing the accelerator pedal ) on TDi engines.

Also because of the extra power and torque that the more efficient engine produces, this makes overtaking far quicker and safer, and a lot more relaxing, with less gear changes.


Wont A Remap Damage The Engine In My Motorhome?

All Ace Remaps remapping comes with a written warranty to give you total peace of mind. In addition to this, you get a lifetime software warranty too, as well as a 14 day no quibble money back guarantee if you’re not completely convinced or satisfied with your more efficient and improved motorhome.


If you would like to get a quote to see what we can do to make Your motorhome even better, just click the ‘GetQuote’ option at the top of the page.

you can also discuss any aspect of our service directly with a remapping technician by calling 01743 491809.