Remove DPF Removal

Why Choose DPF Removal & What Is Involved? Find Out More….


If you are experiencing problems with your Diesel Particulate Filter (or DPF for short), one of the options tyhat some car owner wonder about or have heard about is DPF removal. We’ll give you some information surrounding this service, and why you should not consider removing a DPF filter to keep your car legal.


Why Is The DPF There?

The diesel particulate filter is fitted in the exhaust system of modern diesel engines to lower exhaust emissions. This has been required to meet current environmental legislation in the UK.

The DPF reduces pollution by filtering soot in the exhaust gases as they flow through a honeycomb brick like filter housed inside a metal container in the exhaust system. A fully functioning DPF can usually achieve up to 80%-90% of soot particle filtration.

Why Do DPFs Get Blocked?

Because the soot removed from the diesel exhaust gases does not break down efficiently, this will cause a problem as the filter becomes clogged with soot. To help improve this situation, a process is activated by the ECU to increase the exhaust gas temperatures, which is designed to burn off the sooty build up. This is known as a Regeneration.

If the DPF is not regenerated, the soot particles build up, and when it gets to the point of a 70%-90% blockage you will experience a significant drop in power from the engine, and fault lights will appear on the dashboard. like the engine management light, glow plug, and dpf light. If you get to this point, we’d advise you not drive the vehicle to prevent any further damage to the engine/ancillary components.

Do We Offer DPF Removal?

Due to current MOT testing, it is nor possible to remove the DPF filter and for the vehicle to pass the current MOT test.

Part of the annual MOT test is now to test the efficiency & presence of the DPF filter by measuring the drop in pressure from the sensor before the DPF filter and the sensor after it

If the DPF was removed, there would be no pressure drop indicating the filter was not present inside the canister & the vehicle would fail the MOT test.

What Are Other DPF Removal Options?

There are quite a few more options to clear a problem with a DPF. The choice you make will depend on several different things. We’ve produced a guide you can download to give you the options available to you, as well as discuss the pro’s and Con’s of each option. We carry out some of the services ourselves, but for others you’ll need to arrange with other competent service centres, although we can usually advise you of trusted businesses if required