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Shropshire Remapping FAQs | Can Dealers See Remap

Shropshire Remapping FAQs | Can The Car Dealers See It’s Been Mapped When In For Service?

For some of our competitors, and some cheaper Remapping companies, the answer is Yes. But our custom written remapping files are designed to be as virtually un-detectable as possible as well as encrypted.

Virtually all main dealer service departments will normally only access the ECU to determine if any error codes have been recorded by any of the sensors on your vehicle. This helps them to identify and/or pinpoint where a problem may occurring or about to occur on your car, van or motorhome.

However, when the service technician connects their computer to your vehicle, an initial check may be made to validate the ECU and software serial numbers against those held on file by the manufacturer. Some cheaper and less professional remapping competitors do not carry across this information from your original file, which can cause major problems with servicing. This is not the case with Ace Remaps Shropshire’s custom written remap files.

For the dealer to identify that your ECU has been remapped by ourselves, they would have to compare the original settings against the revised and encrypted settings we’ve created. This is not within the normal capabilities of the dealer service software and equipment, and so is not likely to occur in many instances.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please feel free to call us on 01743 491809, or visit our FAQ pagefor more answers to other Shropshire remapping FAQs.