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Skoda Fabia VRS 1.9 Tdi Performance Remap

The owner of this vehicle came in asking for betterperformance. So we went through our Skoda Fabia VRS performance figures with him and also offered him the choice of our Economy map (with which you still get extra power and torque).

The customer opted for the performance option, and also asked us to supply and fit one of our Pipercross performance panel filters for him, which is taken into account when writing the custom Skoda Fabia VRS performance remap settings for his car.

When we carried out a read of the ECU we found out that the car was already remapped (of sorts) but we felt we could improve on the changes which had already been made. After a disscussion with the customer, he told us to go ahead and remap it again if we felt we could make a difference.

The customer was happy for us to remap it even though it had already been done due to the fact we offer our 14 day money back guarantee, so if he wasn’t happy with our revised map, we would have given him a refund and put the car back to how it was before, so no risk.

We carried out the remap and as standard it went from 130bhp and 310nm of torque and remapped to around 170bhp and 415nm of torque, and after a road test, it certainly felt VERY lively 🙂

The customer has been in touch with us, and has given us the following feedback:


Just achieved 73mpg from Newport to Shrewsbury. Not bad!! Drove conservatively but steadily. Power delivery much improved, better throttle response, and less wheel spin in lower gears somehow. This is a great map! Thank you!

Mr A Butler – Skoda Fabia VRS 1.9 Tdi

I think from that you can tell how happy the customer is. Even though the VRS had already been remapped by someone else before, we were still able to make a great improvement with our Ace Remaps remap, as well as give a written warranty & money back guarantee for total peace of mind.