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Vw Golf 2.0tdi Performance remap and DPF Removal Shrewsbury

Vw Golf TDI Performance Remap and DPF Removal


This Vw Golf TDI customer contacted us as he had a fault with his DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter). After a main dealer check, they informed him it needed a replacement. After shopping around, he found they cost anywhere from £800-£1800+vat plus fitting labour.

He then found out about our DPF removal service here at Ace Remaps, where we can carry out aDPF software removal and DPF filter modification. This ensures the DPF warning lights do not come on again, and of course its much cheaper than buying and fitting a new DPF which may block again in the future.

While the customer was here, he also enquired about our package deal to also have a remap, as he wanted more performance from his 2.0 TDi engine, and so decided to have a performance remap.

Both processes were carried out at the same time, and the whole operation was completed in around in 1 day.

Now the DPF software is removed, and the filter modified, the customer will have DPF trouble free miles of motoring, and with his performance remap will also enjoy around an extra 45bhp and 90nm of torque, which will be especially nice on a summers day on the beautiful Shropshire and Mid Wales roads 🙂 .

With the Ace Remaps DPF removal service costing a fraction of the price of a replacement, you can see why this service is getting so much more popular. And it also eradicates future problems.

While sorting out your DPF problem here at Ace Remaps Shrewsbury, we also have a discounted package deal. If you have an economy or performance remap at the same time, to take full advantage of your engines true potential, we’ll give you a package price.

As always the DPF software removal and the remap come with our ‘bullet proof’ warranty and 14 day no quibble money back guarantee.

Is your DPF light always on?

Is your Emissions light on?

Do you have a problem with the dreaded DPF?

Look no further call Scott or Lee today on 01743 491809 and lets get you back to some happy DPF problem free motoring.