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VW Golf TDi Remap For Economy

More Economy With VW Golf TDi Remap From Ace Remaps Shropshire

As we all know, the VW Golf is one of the best selling cars in the UK, and that’s why we get lots of VW Golf TDi remap customers. These  engines do respond really well to ourEcoPower remaps.

The VW Golf 2.0 Tdi engine comes in 2 power outputs as standard. There’s the 140bhp and 170bhp version, with torque figures of 320Nm an 350Nm respectively. They are pretty powerful and really economical as standard, but we’re able to make them just that bit better.

Because of the compromises VW have to make to meet different countries requirements and standards, and be able to supply their cars all over the world, the settings (or map) they use in the ECU are not tailored to each country, and obviously not the individual owner.

When we carry out a VW Golf TDi remap, we take out these compromises and re-tune it for the individual owners requirements, and the country its based in. This, as well as the fine tuning we make, means the engine can work more efficiently, as the engineer who designed it intended.

In turn, this efficiency results in more power and torque, as well as quicker throttle response,less lag and a smoother power delivery. And just to put this improvement into context, even our EcoPower VW Golf Tdi remap on a 140bhp engine will out-perform its 170bhp ‘bigger brother’, and knock spots off it in terms of economy.

The typical increase in economy after we install a Ace Remaps VW Golf TDi remap, is between 10%-15% from the feedback we receive from our customers. The variation is due to the type of journeys made (eg town vs motorway) and style of driving the owner adopts, but we’ve had feedback of  figures approaching 70mpg for the 140bhp variant and 65mpg for the 170bhp variant after Economy remapping.

And just because they’ve had an economy map doesn’t mean that performance is sacrificed. On the contrary, they drive with even more go when you need them too, with more power and torque, and sharper  throttle response. We are so confident that it makes a huge difference, that we offer ano quibble 14 day money back guarantee.

You can call us on 01743 491809 to find out what results you’ll get with your VW Golf Tdi remap………..or any other make or model.