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Vw Passat 2.5 TDI V6 Performance Remap Telford

This Telford based customer contacted us about getting moreperformance out of his Vw Passat 2.5 TDI V6. We talked the customer through both of our remaps, and told him about how the Economy remap works, and how he should be able to save UP TO 15% on fuel costs, and how the performance remap differs to this.

The customer was very keen to go for the performance remap as he was happy with the fuel economy, and didn’t mind if it dropped slightly. With a very excited customer, we try to arrange the quickest appointment for them as possible, so that they can enjoy their newly remapped vehicle. Normally we can make a booking within a couple of days, and it’s all completed in around 2 hours, including initial diagnostics & road test, if it can be remapped through the OBD (Service) port.

The customer was concerned that the ECU may have some error codes stored on it, but as per our normal routine, we carried out an initial diagnostic check to ensure nothing showed up. If error codes were found we would find out what they were and advise the customer before proceeding any further with the remap.

With the vehicle having a performance remap, it increased the engine output from 163BHP and 350NM of torque up to around 200BHP and 425NM of torque. An extra 37BHP and 75NM of torque, which as you can see is a massive improvement over standard.

The customer took the vehicle away, along with their life time software warranty and 12 months limited mechanical and electrical warranty, and of course, our no risk 14 day no quibble money back guarantee, which is effectively, a free 14 day trial. So if your not happy or just don’t want it we will refund your money and put your vehicle back to how it was before.

Do you fancy a 14 Day Trial?

Give Scott or Lee a call on 01743 491809, and let our Ace Remaps Shrewsbury remap put a big grin on your face too! 😀