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VW Transporter Economy Remap | 1.9 Tdi T5

VW Transporter Economy Remap

This VW Transporter was bought to us for a remap as the customer is having a camper conversion carried out on it shortly. With this adding a lot more weight, he thought it would be best to have it remapped before the conversion to gain extra power and torque to cope with the extra weight it would be carrying.

He also thought it would use more fuel, so after discussing his requirements, he opted for our VW Transporter economy remap, which would then give him the best of both worlds, with both more power and more economy.

This VW Transporter was 84bhp and 200nm of torque as standard before the remap. After we worked our magic on it ( well installed our VW Transporter economy remp anyway!) the power was increased to around 114bhp and extra grunt was added, now with approx 255nm of torque on tap.

On the road test, it was a completely different van to drive, and had so much more low down power and torque. From 30mph in 5th gear, it pulled really well, just what the customer needed ready for a nice camper conversion.

As always, this VW Transporter economy remap came with our Ace Remaps written lifetime warrantyand 14 day money back guarantee.