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VW Transporter T5 Clean and Tune Combo

VW Transporter T5 2.5TDi Clean and Tune Combo


This VW Transporter T5 came to us for our Clean and Tune Combo package, which includes a TerraClean service and an ECU remap.

Firstly the TerraClean treatment removes carbon build up from the engine, which brings back lost power and fuel economy. The reason for this drop in BHP and MPG, is because of carbon build up inside the engine and exhaust system which reduces the efficiency of the engine.

The carbon is generated as a bi-product of the combustion of the fuel used to run your vehicle, and the higher the fuel performance (cetane rating) the worse the situation gets. For more information on TerraClean click HERE

For the next part of the package, we add one of our very own custom written performance remaps to add even more BHP and torque. This gives the engine lots more low down power, and as this VW Transporter T5 van is used to carry weight, the customer felt it was lacking low down the rev range, and needed some more go!

All of our Remaps come with a written mechanical & electrical Warranty and a 14 day “no quibble” money back guarantee so the customer had nothing to lose, as if it didn’t do what we said, he’d get his remap refunded, and the VW T5 returned back to how it was when it first arrived – no quibble.

And if that wasn’t enough here is some feedback from one of our recent Clean and Tune Combos.


I’ve just used up my first tank of fuel, so now I can tell exactly how the remap and terraclean went.

I am extremely pleased with both the performance and fuel economy. This was money well spent. The van now drives like a different vehicle, its nippy, responsive and torquey, a pleasure to drive. Hard to believe that a VW transporter could be improved on, but you certainly did it, and how. The fuel economy has improved by at least 10% minimum, if not more. Well pleased with that also.
Also I’d like to thank you, and your co workers, for the way you carried out the work, from the first point of contact to the last. A very professional company whom I have no hesitation in recommending.


Mr W

Want to know more? Click HERE to get your quote or ring us and ask for your quote on a ‘Clean and Tune’ combo package on 01743 491809. We look forward to impressing you.