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What Is A DPF On A Car

Like To Know What Is A DPF?

Lots of people ask us “What is a DPF?” so we thought we’d do a post to let you all know.

DPF stands for Diesel Particulate Filter, but it is also sometimes know as a FAP filter

It is a physical  filter which is designed to catch and trap soot particles in the exhaust emissions of a diesel engine. These soot particles arecreated by the combustion or burning process of the diesel fuel in the normal running operation of the engine.

You Know What Is A DPF But What’s It Do?

Diesel  fuel contains high amounts of carbon which when burnt creates these soot deposits. A DPF filter is fitted to modern vehicles to trap these soot deposits in an attempt to lower carbon deposits into the environment.

In normal running operation the filter eventually starts to block which in turn restricts the exhaust gases. At this point the DPF burns off these trapped  soot particles. This is known as a DPF regeneration, and will sometimes display a DPF light on the dashboard, which might make you think “what is a DPF light on for?”.

If these trapped soot deposits are not removed, the DPF will eventually block causing running problems due to the exhaust becoming so restricted or almost blocked.

This can in turn cause detrimental damage to the engine, and could eventually lead to very expensive problems such as damaged turbos.

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Hopefully you now know what is a DPF and a little bit more about what it does, but for more info visit our DPF posts on our categories list on the right of this page.


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