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Why Don’t The Manufacturers Do It?

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– Why Don’t The Manufacturers Do It?

Some of the people who enquire about having their vehicles remapped wonder why the manufacturers don’t do it themselves. So these are a couple of our thoughts on this particular question.

It’s A Worldwide Market

Manufacturers build their vehicles to be supplied all over the world. And because of the different situations the vehicle could be permanently operating in, they have to tune the engine to cope with the worst of them, to minimise the chance of any problems and warranty claims.. So the engine management is de-tuned from its designed capabilities to cope with the worst scenarios of fuel quality, altitude, temperature, humidity, servicing standards, etc, etc. As we know the operating conditions are excellent for an engine in the UK, we can remove this de-tuning during our remapping process.


They Do!

Some manufacturers already do offer the same engine size in various states of power/performance. The same basic engine/gearbox is used, but there may be some different ancillary components attached, eg exhaust system, air intake, injection components, etc. They then map the engine differently to produce the higher bhp output. This demonstrates the basic engine/gearboxes ability to cope with additional power.

We are so confident that our remaps will not damage your vehicles engine, that we offer a written warranty as well as our no quibble 14 day money back guarantee, so we have taken away any risk for our customers.

You can get a quote for your vehicle, or call us on 01743 491809 if you’d like to chat through anything.