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Why Have A Custom Remap

BlackCode Custom Remap NotGeneric Remap

Some people ask us about our custom remap, and what’s the difference between that and a generic remap. Well here’s a real life illustration of what can happen with a generic map.

A customer called in to see us the other day as he had a problem with a remap that he’d had from another ‘cheaper’ company up North. Whilst the map seemed to be ok. he took his Honda CRV into the local dealership, and they could not use the diagnostic equipment on his car.

He contacted the mapping company concerned, and explained the situation, and was told that he needed to take the vehicle back to them and they would load the original file back on the vehicle to see if that cured the problem.

After his 200+ mile round trip back to the ‘cheaper’ mapping company, another visit to the dealer with the car back in standard form enabled them to access the ECU and use the diagnostic equipment to ensure there were faults recorded.

The customer is now in dispute with the ‘cheaper’ mapping company, as they say there is nothing wrong with their remapped file.

We suspect that the file that was loaded onto his Honda by the ‘cheaper’ remapping company was a generic file ie a file for that particular engine type but not that specific vehicle. What that meant was that the specific internal ECU serial numbers of the customers Honda were overwritten with the details of the generic file. Then when the dealers diagnostic equipment accessed the ECU, it found a discrepancy between the serial numbers it held on file and those on the ECU. and so would not communicate with it.

All Ace Remaps remaps are custom written using the vehicle original file, so all internal serial numbers held inside the  ECU remain unaltered. This ensure this sort of problem will not occur with a Ace Remaps custom remap.

Unfortunately, this ‘cheap’ remap may turn out to be an expensive lesson!