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Why Have A Remap From Ace Remaps Shropshire?

If you’ve already had your car, van, motorhome or lorry remapped by Ace Remaps Shropshire, then you’ll already have experienced the huge difference it makes to the way it performs compared to the factory standard.

But what if you’ve never had a vehicle mapped before? What if you’re wondering what difference it will make to the wayyour remapped vehicle goes? Well we thought we would just run through a few things that you’ll notice straight away.

Here at Ace Remaps Shropshire, we create custom written files for each individual vehicle we have in for remapping. This means that we can tailor the map towards what you are most interested in getting from the ECU tuning. But irrespective of which map you choose, there are some common improvements that everyone notices.

Firstly and probably not something you might immediately expect, they pull away from standstill more smoothly and are far less prone to the engine stalling. This is stalling and initial lack of ‘go’ is quite common on a lot of modern turbo diesel vehicles, such as BMWs and VWs.

The next thing you’ll probably notice is the improved throttle response and reduced turbo lag. What we mean by this is the delay from when you accelerating to when the engine actual responds and actually does accelerate! On some vehicles, such as the Landrover Discovery TD5, this can be very pronounced. Although on a turbocharged car this ‘lag’ can never be totally eliminated, a Ace Remaps remap will certaing make a massive improvement.

After you’ve experienced the engine responding quicker to your throttle pedal, you then feel the power delivered in a far smoother & more progressive way, with less ‘flat spots’ which are smoothed out during our remapping process. Also the power does not drop off at higher revs as dramatically as it does in standard form.

Probably the most noticeable change that most customer tell us about, is the increase in low down torque, which means you can stay in higher gears without having to change down for hills or when you are overtaking. A lot of feedback suggests that it feels like moving the gearbox down a gear. What we mean is you feel like you’ve got the acceleration of 3rd gear when you’re actually in 4th!

With all of the improvements we’ve highlighted above, they are all about the ‘feeling’ you get when driving your vehicle with a Ace Remaps remap, and it’s always difficult to put this into words which adequately describe what it’s actually like. Because of this, we offer a 14 day trial so that you can actually feel what a Ace Remaps Remap is like, without obligation.

We know from the hundreds of delighted customers we’ve dealt with since remapping vehicle back in 2009, that you’ll be ‘over the moon’ with the results. We’re so confident that…..


So with our written mechanical & electrical warranty, our 14 day full money back guarantee, and our full comitment to making our customers happy, there’s no risk to getting your car, van, motorhome or lorry remapped by Ace Remaps Shropshire, and experiencing the feeling you get when we unleash the full potential of your vehicle.

Call us on 01743 491809 to book your 14 day trial.