Shropshire Remapping FAQs | Can Dealers See Remap

Shropshire Remapping FAQs | Can The Car Dealers See It’s Been Mapped When In For Service? For some of our competitors, and some cheaper Remapping companies, the answer is Yes. But our custom written remapping files are designed to be as virtually un-detectable as possible as well as encrypted. Virtually all main dealer service departments will normally only access the ECU to determine if any error codes have been recorded [ . . . ]

Ace Remaps Telford FAQs | Do I Tell My Insurance Company

Remapping FAQs: Do I Need To Tell My Insurance Company? This is something you will have to determine yourself. We do not have a responsibility to inform, or any connections with  your insurance company ourselves. We have heard our customers follow several different options, such as follows; Your insurance policy will state on it whether they need to be notified if any alterations or modifications from standard are made. You [ . . . ]

Why Don’t The Manufacturers Do It?

Ace Remaps ECU Remapping FAQs – Why Don’t The Manufacturers Do It? Some of the people who enquire about having their vehicles remapped wonder why the manufacturers don’t do it themselves. So these are a couple of our thoughts on this particular question. It’s A Worldwide Market Manufacturers build their vehicles to be supplied all over the world. And because of the different situations the vehicle could be permanently operating [ . . . ]

Why Have A Remap From Ace Remaps Shropshire?

If you’ve already had your car, van, motorhome or lorry remapped by Ace Remaps Shropshire, then you’ll already have experienced the huge difference it makes to the way it performs compared to the factory standard. But what if you’ve never had a vehicle mapped before? What if you’re wondering what difference it will make to the wayyour remapped vehicle goes? Well we thought we would just run through a few [ . . . ]

Ace Remaps Remapping Telford

Ace Remaps Remapping Telford Ace Remaps have been remapping Telford customers vehicles for many years now, and we have (modesty aside) earned an enviable reputation. This reputation, we think,  comes down to 3 main factors; QUALITY:  As with every remap, when we are remapping Telford vehicles, we only use the highest quality equipment, processes, staff and software. We are continually investing in the latest hardware and software to ensure we [ . . . ]

Will ECU Remapping Damage My Engine?

Ace Remaps ECU Remapping FAQs – Will A Remap Damage My Engine? An obvious question that most people ask about our ECU remapping service is “Will it damage my engine?” The short answer is No! But l think we need to explain a little more than this. Firstly, all of the ECU remapping we do comes with not only alifetime warranty on the map itself, but also includes and industry [ . . . ]